The 101 Best Restaurants in America

The 101 Best Restaurants in America

These bucket-list destinations are all worth the splurge What makes a good restaurant a “best”? The food? The service? The chef? The legacy? All of the above?

These 101 restaurants serve food that’s thoughtful and thought-provoking, and they also have a dining room and a level of service that suit the quality of what’s on the plate, a good beverage list and a true sense of personality, imagination and consistency. Visiting one of these restaurants feels like a truly memorable culinary experience.

Chef Eric Lees has taken over Chicago’s iconic Spiaggia with a steady hand. The stunning modern dining room is a perfect setting for both an a la carte and tasting-menu experience. Highlights include tortellini in brodo with rabbit mortadella; robiola risotto with pepper gastrique; and the restaurant’s most famed culinary contribution, ricotta gnocchi with black truffle in a creamy parmesan sauce.

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