Chicago Spots and Indulgent Dishes You Can’t Miss

Chicago Spots and Indulgent Dishes You Can’t Miss

Make the most of Leap Day 2020 with these unique dining experiences.

How often do you wish for just a few more hours in any given day? We all could use some extra time, right? Extra time to get work done, or sleep a little longer, or tackle a project we’ve been putting off. Well, tomorrow, you get that extra time! In fact, you get an entire extra DAY!

2020 is a Leap Year, meaning you get a whole extra day to celebrate life (and food) in Chicago. February 29 only comes around every four years, so let’s make the most of this time. There’s so much fun you can have in 24 hours! There’s so much you can do…and eat! We have rounded up the spots and dishes that are perfect to treat yourself to on this miraculous extra day. With an extra 24 hours in the year, comes the responsibility to spend them digging into something extra delicious.

Spiaggia {980 North Michigan Avenue #1, Chicago; 312.280.2750}: There’s no better weekend date night spot than Spiaggia for a special meal. They have been creating masterful Italian food for more than three decades, and are continuing to be lauded for their efforts. That includes a 2020 James Beard nomination for “Outstanding Wine Program.” If you haven’t tried them yet, these extra hours are the perfect time!

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