9 Bad Food Trends That Need To Calm Down In 2020

9 Bad Food Trends That Need To Calm Down In 2020

2019 was a year to remember. We enjoyed a chicken sandwich war, got really into rosé and discovered Trader Joe’s sells wine in a can. Chalk this year up as a win. But not everything was rosy ― we’re all still making egregious mistakes out there in the food world. Perhaps another year and a little more perspective will turn the tide as we age into the roaring ’20s. Here are just some of the things that need a do-over.

Food Created For The ’Gram

Let’s be honest, some of the food out there is designed for Instagram rather than for the belly. “I would love to see over-the-top garnishes disappear,” said Joey Schwab, pastry chef at Spiaggia and Café Spiaggia. “Whether it’s milkshakes accented with a sickly amount of sweets or Bloody Marys with an entire meal on top, it’s excess for excess’ sake.” Rather than conjuring something that will leave an indelible culinary mark on the taste buds, their creators often design the items just to look pretty. “These dishes are created with social media in mind in hopes that the photos go viral ― but with the aesthetic as the top priority, the drinks lose their culinary focus, and in turn, the final product isn’t very special,” Schwab continued. Ibrahim echoed the sentiment: “The whole Pinterest-perfect and noodled-to-death with tweezers has to go.”

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