Chefs Reveal Their Go-To Fast Food Indulgences

Chefs Reveal Their Go-To Fast Food Indulgences

Chefs… they’re just like us! That’s right: they also swing by the Taco Bell drive-thru at 1am and order enough food to feed the Detroit Pistons. All chefs – from foie gras-plating sous chefs to brisket-smoking pitmasters – sometimes crave quick, delicious hits of fat and salt you can easily find at our nation’s fast food restaurants. That’s why we asked our favorite chefs from across the country for their favorite fast food chain and exactly what they order, from drinks to entrees to desserts.

Culver’s “As a native Wisconsinite, I’m a fan of Culver’s and their cheese curds – they’re perfectly fried, gooey, and completely Midwestern.” – Tony Mantuano, chef/partner, Spiaggia (Chicago, Illinois)

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