Spiaggia, Chicago's premier Italian restaurant, is known for innovative Italian cuisine, elevating beloved traditional recipes to unparalleled heights. Chef Tony Mantuano now takes you inside the kitchen of Spiaggia and shares the secrets of the restaurant's signature, award-winning dishes. Create your own glorious dining experience with a host of tempting recipes ranging from amazing antipasti through sumptuous pastas and main courses to craveable desserts. Enjoy the Italian cuisine that celebrities, foodies, renowned chefs and winemakers have been praising for years with the glorious recipes of The Spiaggia Cookbook. Buon Appetito!

Wine Bar Food, by Tony and Cathy Mantuano

Husband-and-wife team Cathy and Tony Mantuano (chef-partners of the Spiaggia in Chicago, and authors of The Spiaggia Cookbook) share their delightful versions of wine bar recipes from across the Mediterranean. Each chapter focuses on a specific city (Rome, Seville, Nice and Lisbon, to name a few) and includes fun, fresh cocktails as well as simple yet delectable small plates and regional wine suggestions. The couple includes background information on each dish, giving the reader a distinct sense of each recipe, all written with clear and thorough instructions.

From Venice there is Whipped Baccala with Polenta Crostini, and Black Pasta with Scungilli. Cocktail recipes include Limoncello Martinis from Naples and Mediterranean Lemonade made with ouzo, anise-flavored liqueur from Athens. Unique dessert recipes round out the assortment of options such as Mascarpone-Filled Dates with Chocolate and Lavender Ice Cream Sandwiches. With excellent sections on cured meats, imported cheeses and specialty pantry items, this is a wonderful book for food and wine lovers alike.

Vintage Spiaggia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Each year, Chef/Partner Tony Mantuano selects an Italian olive oil to be used at Spiaggia. Ideally, olive oil should be consumed as soon as possible after pressing. In our ongoing effort to offer the most authentic Italian food to Chicago, the oil on the table was pressed from ripe Tuscan olives. The five different olive varietals used in the oil are grown and pressed in central Tuscany on the Giachi family estate.

Purchase a set of Spiaggia Olive Oil and Balsamic for $70 
This superior vintage oil is available for purchase exclusively at Spiaggia.


Spiaggia's balsamico is imported from the Bezzecchi family farm in Reggio Emila, Italy. The restaurant offers an Essenza balsamico, which is traditionally aged five-to-eight years. It's a lighter balsamic that is meant to finish dishes and is perfect for any at-home chef learning about the world of balsamico.

Purchase a set of Spiaggia Olive Oil and Balsamic for $70 
This superior balsamico is available for purchase exclusively at Spiaggia.

Spiaggia Stemware

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